Notice of Contact Lens Exam Fees

Notice of Contact Lens Exam Fees

A contact lens evaluation will be performed for both new and current contact lens wearers. The contact lens evaluation fees include the fitting to receive your annual, valid contact lens prescription, two months of follow up visits, and the initial training for new wearers. Any additional visits pertaining to your contact lenses after the two-month period will be a $40 copy.

New Fit fee:

Spherical Prescriptions:


Astigmatism Prescriptions with toric lens:


Multifocal/monovision Prescriptions and RGP lenses:


Established Fit fee:

Spherical Prescriptions


Astigmatism Prescriptions with toric lens


Multifocal/monovision Prescriptions and RGP lenses


Medically Necessary contact lens evaluations range. This includes
patients with keratoconus.
$250.00 to $495.00
SynergEyes Duette evaluations range from $145.00 to $199.00
I understand that there are additional charges related to having a contact lens exam which are not usually covered by insurance.