“Dr. Craig has been my eye doctor since I moved from CA in 1983. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8 years old, with astigmatism and nearsightedness problems. I wore contacts for over 30 years, and wanted corrective surgery. Dr. Hughes waited until he was satisfied that he had found the right procedure, and informed me to proceed. I did and could not have been happier with the results! I didn’t know people could really see insects in the bushes, until I could sight them with my corrected eyes. At my recommendation, 2 friends consulted with Dr. C. Hughes, one of whom he advised not to proceed due to too thin corneas. Another reason to trust this practice demonstrated! Due to age and glaucoma, I’ve moved on to Dr. Blake, who provides the same first rate, concerned service. Although the facilities are beautiful, clean, and well organized, the sole reason I would heartily recommend using First Eye Care is in the name — they care, provide, and follow through with great kindness and courtesy. This is the only place in the Metroplex I would trust with my vision!”