“I have tried so many different optometrists, a different one each year (mostly due to moving for work) and this was the first time that a doctor actually listened to me and tried to find out what has been causing my problems for so many years. I finally got some answers and recommendations for OTC treatments. I also got a great recommendation for which material my glasses lenses should be made out of to help with the current problems I’ve been having with my astigmatism and my vision not looking clear like it should. I picked up my glasses today and wow! For the first time in AT LEAST 5 years, I can describe my vision just like the first time I got glasses in the 4th grade. Everything is back to being crisp and clear. The staff were always courteous and helpful and always answering my questions. The sales staff didn’t try to push the highest price glasses, but instead helped me find a pair that fit the shape of my face. Sure, they are more expensive than WalMart or Target (I don’t have vision insurance but was able to use my health insurance for the exam) but I’d be happy to pay this much once a year to get this kind of service to help me obtain the best vision I’ve had in years. 20/20 vision is priceless.”