Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

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Celebrating National Sunglasses Day - First Eye Care DFW

Sunglasses Can Save Your Eyes

It’s hard not to love spending the day outside, soaking up the sun. That couldn’t be truer than in the summer. After all, the days are longer, and the weather is warmer. While many of us can’t wait to enjoy these next few months of summer, too many people don’t understand the danger the sun and its UV rays present our eyes.

It’s well known that if you spend too much time in the sun, you may develop skin cancer. However, people don’t realize how much danger the sun’s UV rays present your eyes. If you don’t protect them, you risk developing vision-threatening eye conditions. What better way to protect your eyes than with a pair of sunglasses? That is exactly what the Vision Counsel and countless eye care specialists across the country believe, which is why National Sunglasses Day is celebrated June 27 every year.

The Vision Council established National Sunglasses Day to raise awareness about the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, hoping to lead to increased sunglasses sales and more people wearing them. After all, according to the Vision Council, 28.2% of American adults are concerned with vision loss due to UV exposure, yet 27% of people reported that they did not regularly wear sunglasses when they were outside.

First Eye Care DFW joins the Vision Council in celebrating National Sunglasses Day on June 27! We would encourage all of you, as well. If you are looking for designer eyewear or just want to schedule your next eye exam, give First Eye Care DFW a call today.

Dangers of UV Exposure

Most people are aware that the sun emits dangerous UV rays. While these rays are what help us get tan and provide our bodies with vitamin D, they can also be deadly. Overexposure to UV rays often leads to skin cancer. However, if you do not wear proper eyewear, they can also damage your eyes.

There are two types of UV rays that can impact your eyes: UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A rays have lower energy levels than UV-B rays, but they also have higher wavelengths. This means they can penetrate deeper than UV-B rays. UV-A rays target your central vision by damaging the macula found in the retina at the back of the eye. Even though your cornea and lens absorb UV-B rays, they can do more damage than UV-A rays.

Here are some potential eye conditions linked to UV exposure:

  • Macular Degeneration: UV rays damage eye tissue and deteriorate it.
  • Cataract: As UV-B rays are absorbed, the lens of the eyes become clouded, which leads to cataract development.
  • Pterygium: Growths begin to develop on the thin, clear layer on the white of the eye and can even reach the cornea, blocking your vision if they grow too far.
  • Cancer: Just like with your skin, you can also develop cancer in your eyes from UV exposure.
  • Photokeratitis: Much like your skin develops sunburns from spending too much time in the sun, so too can your eyes. These are called corneal sunburns, also called photokeratitis.

These are just a few of the dangers of not wearing sunglasses when you go outside. All these eye diseases have the potential to cause some type of vision loss, which is why National Sunglasses Day is so crucial.

Other Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection is the best way to protect your eyes and prevent a host of eye conditions. However, that’s not all that your sunglasses can do. They also:

  • Prevent Wrinkles: Wearing polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection keeps your eyes relaxed. Squinting causes the skin around your eyes to stress and tighten, which leads to crows-feet wrinkles at the corner of your eyes. Additionally, they prevent the UV rays from damaging and tightening the skin around your eyes.
  • Add Symmetry to Your Face: While looks aren’t everything, sunglasses have been proven to improve the way you look. Human faces are inherently asymmetrical, but sunglasses offer a structure of symmetry to your face, which science says makes you more attractive.

How to Celebrate

National Sunglasses Day falls on June 27 every year, but that does not mean you can’t celebrate wearing sunglasses year-round. This day is the perfect time to spread awareness about the dangers of not wearing sunglasses outside, while also having fun. Here are some fun ways to celebrate this day:

  • Buy Yourself a New Pair: What better way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day than by buying a new pair of shades?! Buy that pair that you’ve had your eyes on for some time. First Eye Care DFW offers plenty of designer eyewear choices for those looking for a new pair.
  • Buy Someone You Love a Pair: Give a close friend or a family member a brand-new pair of sunglasses. They don’t have to be expensive designer sunglasses. You can buy a pair from a convenience store, as long as they offer 100% UV protection.
  • Share Information: It’s important to share information regarding the dangers of UV rays and just how sunglasses can save your eyes. This may inspire someone you know to take more precautions with their eyes.
  • Coordinate Outfits: Do you already have a favorite pair of sunglasses? Then coordinate a whole outfit around them. Try to create an outfit based purely on your shades. You can even coordinate with your friends.
  • Get Social: Post about National Sunglasses Day on your social media accounts. The 2019 campaign for this holiday garnered more than 2 billion consumer media impressions. Take a picture of you in your sunglasses and post to any or all your social media accounts!

DFW Eye Care

At First Eye Care DFW, we understand the importance of wearing sunglasses when you go outdoors. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s UV rays can still damage your eyes. Along with the Vision Council, we will be celebrating National Sunglasses Day on June 27, and we encourage you to, as well. If you are looking for a brand-new pair of sunglasses or are experiencing changes in your vision, contact First Eye Care DFW today.

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