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Hard To Fit Contacts Faq’s In Hurst TX

If you are looking to make the switch from traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses, our Hurst eye doctor can help. At First Eye Care, we have three locations serving patients in the surrounding areas, and we offer a wide range of eye and vision care services to suit your needs. If you’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for contact lenses, we may be able to help with one of our many our hard to fit contacts solutions.

What Are Some Common Conditions That Make It Difficult To Wear Contacts?

When a person is unable to comfortably wear traditional contacts, this is known as being hard to fit for contacts. There are many reasons as to why a person may have a hard time wearing regular contacts. Certain eye conditions, such as allergies or even dry eye, can make regular contacts very uncomfortable. In other instances, abnormal curvature of the eyes’ lenses (known as astigmatism) could be to blame. Some other common causes of hard to fit contacts include keratoconus, presbyopia, and recurring eye infections.

What Are Some Of My Options If I Have One Of These Conditions?

If you have an eye condition or disease that prevents you from wearing traditional contact lenses, the good news is that you still have options. Our eye doctor offers specialty contact lenses that you can wear comfortably and designed for people with your exact eye condition.

At First Eye Care, we offer a variety of specialty contacts in our office, including toric lenses, gas permeable lenses, bifocal lenses, and more!

Why Is A Contact Lens Exam So Important?

We always recommend a contact lens exam with our eye doctor to determine any underlying eye conditions that could affect your ability to wear contacts. This appointment is also important for figuring out which types of contacts are best suited to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Eye Doctor In Hurst Today

If you’d like to schedule a contact lens exam with our eye doctor in Hurst or the surrounding areas, you can simply give First Eye Care a call at any of our three area offices to get started. Be sure to ask about our new patient special, too!

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