June Is Fireworks Safety Month

| By First Eye Care DFW

June Is Eye Care And Fireworks Safety Month In Hurst

Who doesn’t love some beautiful fireworks? Nothing says summer fun more than the burst of color and excitement that fireworks can provide! While you are enjoying your celebration, be sure to take some precautions to keep your eyes safe! Fireworks can cause a lot of damage to your eyes and vision if you are not careful, and taking a few minutes to review these safety tips can help you protect your eyes while having fun this summer.

A Few Eye Care And Safety Tips From Our Optometry Team In Hurst
  • Never look directly at fireworks when they are at a close distance
  • If you are setting off your own fireworks wear protective goggles to avoid injury caused by sparks, heat, or a foreign object entering your eye
  • Never approach fireworks that are malfunctioning but still burning to see why they are not exploding; wait for the fire to go out before going near them
  • Do not allow children to operate fireworks
  • Always set off fireworks outdoors and in an open area
  • Keep water close by in order to extinguish any embers or sparks that land on the ground
  • Always keep a first aid kit and eye wash kit nearby when setting off fireworks

Fireworks can be a lot of fun but it is important to practice safety habits. By following these simple tips you can keep your vision protected while enjoying some great fireworks this summer! If you sustain an injury from fireworks, please call our office right away to set up an exam, eye injuries that are left untreated can often lead to further harm and more serious conditions.

Stay Safe This Summer With First Eye Care In Hurst

If you have any questions about eye safety this summer, our optometry team in Hurst is here to help! Give us a call today at (817) 656-2020 to schedule a consultation; First Eye Care is conveniently located at 751 Mid Cities Boulevard. We also have locations in Woodland Springs and Roanoke.

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