Makeup and Your Eye Health

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Makeup and Your Eye Health First Eye Care DFW

Your eyes are delicate parts of your body that are exposed to a lot of elements, whether it be allergens, weather, debris, and something you maybe haven’t considered before, your makeup. When you put on eye makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow, you are exposing your eye to foreign substances. It is important that you know what that substance is exactly and that it isn’t potentially harmful to your eyes.

Surprisingly, many of us are applying makeup without knowing the damage that we are causing to our eyes. Take the time to keep reading and learn a little bit more about makeup and the dangers of it when used improperly around and on your eyes.

Makeup Expires

Did you know that makeup expires? Using makeup that has been open for too long is not good for your skin or eyes. Generally, the following expiry dates should be considered:

  • Eye shadow (pressed or loose) has a healthy lifespan of two years
  • Eye liner (pencil) has a healthy lifespan of two years
  • Cream eye shadow has a healthy lifespan of about one year
  • Gel eyeliner has a healthy lifespan of about one year
  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner have a healthy lifespan of about three months (after three months this type of makeup can have a buildup of bacteria that can lead to eye infections)

There are products that you should avoid

Certain cosmetics should generally never be placed on or near your eyes. Eye-makeup products that contain loose glitter shouldn’t be used as the glitter can easily fall into the eye and scratch the cornea, this can cause much more damage than one might think. If makeup with loose glitter is used, do so with caution and make sure that the glitter is pressed on with a type of cream to help it stay in place.

You should also avoid using mascara that contains small fibers (ones meant to increase the length of your eyelashes) as these fibers can be irritating and hazardous to your eyes if they fall in, which they often do. Kohl is another ingredient that should be avoided in the use of eye make-up, and although it is banned in the US, there are still certain countries that put it in their eye makeup.

When it comes to fake eyelashes, you should also take caution as these can be damaging to your natural lashes. The lashes are also known to potentially carry bacteria that can cause infections in the eye. As for the glue for the fake eyelashes, it can disrupt your eye’s properties, irritate them, and even cause scarring to the eyes which can lead to poorer vision.

The application of your eye makeup

A very common mistake of makeup application, is when eyeliner is applied to the inner line of the eye, also called the waterline. This is way too close for comfort and the foreign substance will easily make its way into the eye and cause irritation and potentially damage the film of the eye.

Another very important note to take is where you are applying your makeup in terms of the place. Never apply your makeup in the car as it is extremely dangerous when you cannot control your environment. It isn’t unknown that people doing their makeup in the car have hit a bump and stuck their eye with a utensil causing permanent damage.

Don’t share your makeup

Although it may be nice to share your makeup, it isn’t healthy for your eyes. Your friend’s eyes carry their own potential bacteria and if you expose your makeup and utensils to that bacteria, it could lead to the infection of your own eye.

Use products that are doctor approved

Do your research on your makeup brands, and try to only use products that are doctor approved or rated. If you aren’t sure, a Google search should do the trick. 

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