Finding The Best Frames For Your Face Shape

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When it comes to choosing eyeglasses in Keller, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. From all the different colors to the various designs, to varying sizes, to different shapes, there are a lot of factors one needs to consider when picking out their glasses. When you are deciding on your frames, there is more to be considered than simply just which glasses you like the best. Different frames suit different people based on their unique face, from their skin color and tone to their eyes, and primarily, to the shape of their face.

Knowing the different face shapes

There are a few different types of face shapes. Of course, everyone has unique and special features other than these basic shapes, but generally, one can be divided into one of these facial shape categories: oval, round, heart-shaped (base-up triangle), triangular (base down), square, and rectangular.

Determine your face shape
To determine your face shape, first, make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face. You will need a mirror and a dry erase marker. Stand in front of a mirror and trace around the outline of your face onto the mirror with the dry erase marker. Make sure to do this while your face is relaxed.

After you have finished outlining your relaxed face, smile big and retrace directly over the lines you just drew. When you observe and compare the two outlines you will be able to determine the shape and different angles of your face, relaxed and smiling.

After determining your face shape, take a good look at your face from different angles. Determine whether or not your face has hard angles or softer angles. These angles will also come into play when you are picking out the best frames for your face.

Choosing the frames that are right for your face


As you likely will wear your glasses quite often, choosing the frames that best compliment your face is probably going to be important to you. Different sizes and shapes of frames can look silly on some face shapes and complimentary on others.

  • Oval faces are lucky as they tend to look good with almost any style of frames. Considering there are other aesthetic features to consider such as your skin tone and the angles of your face, you will simply need to play around with different styles of glasses to see what you like best.


  • Rounder faces with softer angles tend to look the best with glasses that have the opposite, hard angles. Square or rectangular-shaped glasses help to contrast the softness of the face by making it look a bit more angled and elongated. If you have a face that is round as well as full, you may want to try on some glasses that have horizontal rectangular frames, as they can help to make the face appear a bit thinner.


  • Square and rectangular faces tend to look best with frames that help to balance out any hard lines or angles. Thin and delicate frames that have a bit more rounded edges will probably look best. You will also want to ensure that the glasses are slightly wider than the width of your cheekbones.


  • Heart-shaped faces often look best with frames that are wider on the bottom or have some sort of accentuating design on the bottom part of the frame, you will also want to make sure that the frames are a bit wider than the forehead.


  • Triangular faces tend to look best with glasses that have an accentuated top-half of the frame (i.e., half-rimmed glasses, cat-eye shaped glasses, or two-toned glasses). You will want to ensure that the frames a bit wider than your jaw to properly balance out the face.

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